We are back with our now “absolutely legendary” predictions based on Week 11 of our Ulster Schools Rugby Rankings data produced after the last round of the Schools Cup and Trophy.

As before, we’ve added their current form, or should I say their form over their last five matches, against Ulster schools opposition, in the manner of wins/draws/losses and each schools’ current rankings are in brackets.

So, here’s our predictions for the Ulster Schools Cup Semi Finals.

2/0/3 Campbell College (7)  v (3) Royal School Armagh 5/0/0
Armagh by 12

5/0/0 Methodist College (1) v (2) Wallace High School 3/1/1
Methody by 9

Campbell’s November and December slump continues to affect their rankings but they are the only team that’s reversed the rankings in the Senior Cup competition over the last two rounds. Can they make it 3 in a row or will Armagh come out on top?


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