These are difficult times in Ulsteros.

For four hundred years the province, and their followers of the Kingsmen, held sway over the Western Isle but now they struggle to compete against their fellow provinces with the Deefours and their band of Unsullied Ladyboys now the dominant force following a short period of success by the province of the Red Waste and their devotees of the Faith of the Seven!

Even the Westies and their small, ferocious band of Wildings are positioning themselves to replace Ulsteros in the campaign for the Cup of Essos !

Across The Narrow Sea Mark McGaryen of the House of Bangor, the deposed King of Ulsteros, the First of His Name, Winner of Leagues and Father of the Wolfpack, continues to build his army of Mercenaries from the land of Sothoryos.

Having twice led successful raids against the Kingsmen of Ulsteros, McGaryan knows that the next time he sets foot on The Hill of Ravens will be the time that he reclaims his rightful throne!

Having ended a long campaign of fighting on two fronts, across The Narrow Sea and beyond, McGaryan begins to manipulate his rivals in Essos encouraging the men of Gloucester, a weak but wealthy band, to make an offer to Ulsteros’ David Clannister of the House of Ballymena, the Kingslayer and Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, an offer that will appease the Shed Heads but throw Ulsteros into further turmoil!

We join Shane Baratheon of the House of Bangor, Dominator of Worlds, First Lord of Ulsteros, Keeper of the Faith, Defender of the Realm and Follower of the Lord of Light as he meets with the High Priestess of the Lord of the Light as they consider selling the Hill of Ravens to raise funds for the next Campaign for the Sacred Cup of European Dreams. 

The Characters

Priestess: We have had a request from the IRFU Bank of Braavos to raise funds for the next campaign by selling the Hill of Ravens. We owe them for our purchase of the Mercenaries from the Free State of Orange in the Land to the South and we must comply!

Shane Baratheon: But our numbers are getting more and more thanks to our plan for World Domination why must we buy more Warriors?

In walks David Clannister, the Kingslayer, who had been listening outside the chamber!

Kingslayer: Forgive me my lord but our warriors of the Clubs are becoming fewer and fewer and are only being replaced by Taggers and Seveners, who are only good at running away, we must buy more warriors! We must sell the Hill of Ravens!

Shane Baratheon: Well if the Kingslayer says so then so be it! Let us pray and get ready to move to the Span of Kings!

Kingslayer: Forgive me lord but I have other news of import!

Shane Baratheon: Out with it man we must go and consult with the Oracle of the Lord of Light before we tell the Small Council of our move.

Kingslayer: I’m afraid my lord that I will be going to war for the Men of Gloucester from across the sea in the next Campaign for the Sacred Cup of European Dreams, well maybe not the next one but surely the one after that! They are in a shambles, I must depart forthwith!

Shane Baratheon: What treachery is this? What about our five year plan for World Dom…

Priestess: The IRFU Bank of Braavos will not like this – the Kingslayer is the only person they value!

Kingslayer: My lord, it will give me a chance to bloody the nose of Mark McGaryen, who even now continues to plot for his return as King of Ulsteros! I will distract him while you continue with your plan! I am sacrificing myself for the good of Ulsteros!

Shane Baratheon: But who will replace you as Lord Commander of the Kingsguard? Is the Mercenary King, Mark Baratheon, ready?

Kingslayer: I suggest you take it to the Small Council and consult the Oracle of the Lord of Light!

Priestess: I will need to release the ravens to spread this news …

Shane Baratheon: Yes send a raven to King Mark and suggest his immediate return. He has been recuperating in the Lands to the Shadow since the incident at the Wharf of Cutters. We will start our search for a new Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, Kingslayer, while you stay here for the next six months and pack! But first I must consult the small council.

Episode 2. The King returns, the Small Council rebels and Deefour, funded by the IRFU Bank of Braavos, make a move to take over Ulsteros!