2 thoughts on “EXODUS!”

  1. Thanks for the “big-up” Parky. Made me smile – something to help me forget the weary aching bones and joints that are a reminder of the fact that i’m old and decrepit…as opposed to the lithe athletic young centre i still am in my mind!
    Don’t think Mrs Cave has too much to worry about – Mrs GC on the other hand has physio bills, holiday insurance, and my brandy and ibuprofen addiction (as manifested in sunny Lanzaland) to worry about.
    Only 360 days until next year’s Tournament (unless, of course…i have a re-think on pre-season training this summer – watch this space!) 😉

  2. Ha, glad you see the funny side of my article GC. Your aching bones reminds me of the days when I got out of the car on Monday morning at work and felt my joints needed 3 in 1 oil 😯

    I’ve been in training on a cycle all winter and into spring and managed a 60mile sportive last Sunday at an average speed of 16mph round the County Down drumlins.

    Not wishing to bumblast here, just that there’s hope for all those oul timers out there who thought the retirement home beckoned at 50!!

    Get your guddies on over the Summer GC or alternatively get on yer bike and join me for a couple of spins through the leafy lanes of the Ards area, not to mention a couple of climbs up round Scrabo :mrgreen:

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