2016 Women U18 Interprovincial Series

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Enjoy our photographic coverage of Ulster Girls in the 2016 Women U18 Interprovincial Series in which the girls completed the Grand Slam.

Ulster Women U18: Kate Aughey, Keelin Brady, Claire Boles, Megan Brodie, Ciara Browne, Storm Cobain, Katie Heatherington, Brittany Hogan, Doloras Hughes, Ellie Ingram, Vicky Irwin, Neve Jones, Emma Kearney, Lucinda Kinghan, Natalie Kinghan, Caolinn McCormack, Kelly McCormill, Bethany McDowell, Leah McGoldrick, Tammy Millar, Lisa Mullen, Carla Rafferty, Ellie Rix, Grace Shresthra, Sara Whitley.

Coaches: Davy Chambers (Forwards), Charlie Farrell (Assistant), Zoe Templeton (Backs). Manager: Jemma Jackson.