As we only had four games in the Schools Cup we’ve decided to apply our Ulster Schools Rugby Rankings data to the Subsidiary Shield Quarter Finals and the Bowl Semi Finals which are also taking place this weekend.

As with the Cup predictions, we’ve added their current form, or should I say their form over their last five matches, against Ulster schools opposition, in the manner of wins/draws/losses and each schools’ current rankings are in brackets.

So, here’s our predictions for the Ulster Schools Subsidiary Shield Quarter Finals.

2/0/3 Bangor Grammar (19) v (15) Ballyclare High School 3/0/2
Ballyclare by 4

3/0/2 Sullivan Upper (4) v (17) Cambridge House 4/0/1
Sullivan by 25

2/0/3 Down High School (14) v (13) Royal School Dungannon 3/0/2
Dungannon by 3

4/0/1 Belfast Royal Academy (9) v (11) Dalriada School 3/0/2
BRA by 10

— o0o —

And the predictions for the Ulster Schools Bowl Semi Finals.

3/0/2 Portadown College (12) v (18) Friends’ School (18) 2/0/3
Portadown by 10

2/0/3 Belfast High School (24) v (16) Coleraine Grammar 2/0/3
Coleraine by 12

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