The 4th round of the Ulster Schools Cup was completed yesterday with some of the top seeded sides recording some big wins.

You can review our match reports and pictures here from RBAI v RS Dungannon and Sullivan Upper v Campbell College

The results from all the matches with all the scorers are shown below:

Ulster Schools Cup Fourth Round Draw
Ballymena Academy

TRY:  Alex McKinney
PEN: Ross McKay (4)

17 12 Belfast Royal Academy

TRY: Daniel Logan, Ollie Parkes
Harry Warke

Cambridge House 

TRY:  Reece Ervine
CON: Rory McCandless

7 55 Wallace High

TRY:  Luke Allison (2), Ben Carson, Dillon Sedge, Joel Dundas, Jack Dillon, Scott Wilson, Harry Long, Penalty Try
CON: Nathan Doak (4)

Dalriada School

TRY:  James McCormick
CON: Paddy Carson

7 47 Methodist College

TRY:  Chris Larmour, David Boden, Dan Humphries (2), Thomas Armstrong, Ethan McIlroy, Stephen Millar
CON: Cons:Ethan McIlroy (6)

Enniskillen Royal Grammar

TRY:  Alex Parke, Callum Smyton, John Allan
CON: Eddie Keys (2)

19 3 Down High

PEN: Greg Hutley

Rainey Endowed

TRY:  Callum Donnelly, Bryn Davies
CON: Harry Evans
PEN:  Harry Evans

15 12 Ballyclare High

TRY:  Ethan Crawford, Jack Gamble
CON: Adam Clarke 

Royal Belfast Academical Institution

TRY:  Max Preston, Bradley McNamara, Jude Postlethwaite, Jared Waite, Rory Adair, Josh Patterson.
CON: Robin McIlveen (3), Ronan Boyle

38 0 Royal School Dungannon

Royal School Armagh

TRY:  Nicholas Jennings, Peter Taylor (2), Benji Boyd, Ryan Finlay, Aaron Woods, James Brown, Michael Campbell and Jonny Agnew
CON: Charlie Worth (7), Romain Morrow (2)
PEN: Charlie Worth

66 12 Bangor Grammar

TRY:  Penalty Try, Michael McCreery

Sullivan Upper

TRY:  Conor McKee 
CON: Conor McKee
PEN: Conor McKee (2)

13 19 Campbell College

TRY:  Harry Owens, Danny Williamson, Conor Rankin
CON: Conor Rankin (2)


The resulting draw for the Schools Quarter Finals panned out as follows.

Ulster Schools Cup Quarter Final Draw
Ballymena Academy Royal School Armagh
Campbell College Enniskillen Royal Grammar School
Methodist College Royal Belfast Academical Institution
Rainey Endowed Wallace High School

All matches to be played on or before Saturday 23rd February 2019.

And the draw for the Schools Subsidiary Shield.

Ulster Schools Subsidiary Shield Quarter Final Draw
Bangor Grammar Ballyclare High School
Sullivan Upper Cambridge House
Down High School Royal School Dungannon
Belfast Royal Academy Dalriada School

All matches to be played on or before Saturday 23rd February 2019.


The Ulster Schools Bowl Results from the weekend were as follows:

Ulster Schools Bowl Quarter Final Results
Larne Grammar School 7 19 Coleraine Grammar School
Regent House 20 24 Friends School
Omagh Academy 7 10 Portadown College
Lurgan College 7 26 Belfast High School


These results gave the following Bowl Semi Final Draw

Ulster Schools Bowl Semi Final Draw
Portadown College Friends School
Belfast High School Coleraine Grammar School

All matches to be played on or before Saturday 23rd February 2019.