The All Ireland League continued this weekend, Round 11 featured the top of the table clash U.L Bohemian v Railway Union. The other matches were Blackrock v St. Mary’s College and Cooke v Galwegians.

The full results and scorers were as follows:

Blackrock 48

TRY: Roisin Crowe, Grace Kelly, Ray Lawless, Maeve Óg O’Leary (2),
Ali Coleman, Amy Cotters, Hannah O’Connor.
CON: Hannah O’Connor (4)

St Mary’s College 0

— o0o —

Cooke 22

TRY: Maeve Liston, Kate Keaney, Naomi McCullagh
CON: Vicky Irwin (2)
PEN: Vicky Irwin

Galwegians 17

TRY: Denise Redmond, Ursula Sammon
CON: Denise Redmond (2)
PEN: Denise Redmond

— o0o —

U.L. Bohemian 35

TRY: Niamh Briggs, Edel Murphy, Chloe Pearse, Clodagh O’Halloran, Rosie Newton
CON: Niamh Briggs (2)
PEN: Niamh Briggs (2)

Railway Union 19

TRY: Kateyln Faust, Katie O’Dwyer, Emma Taylor
CON: Claire Keohan

— o0o —

Women’s AIL Current Standings

The results leave the AIL League table as follows:

Railway Union RFC 10 7 0 3 271 123 148 5 2 35
U.L. Bohemian 9 7 0 2 273 149 124 4 1 34
Blackrock 9 6 0 3 263 145 118 5 1 30
Old Belvedere 9 6 0 3 173 79 94 2 2 28
Cooke 10 4 0 6 132 174 -42 3 2 21
Galwegians 9 3 0 6 185 190 -5 3 2 17
St Mary’s College 10 0 0 10 29 466 -437 0 0 -2


U.L Boh’s win over Railway Union now bring them to within 1 point of the league leaders, with a game in hand. Blackrock’s comprehensive win over St. Mary’s now bring them into third place ahead of Old Belvo, who was on a bi this round. Cooke’s win over Galwegians ensure they stay in 5th place.

There is now only 5 points separating the top three teams, with U.L Bohs and Blackrock having an extra game to play over Railway. However, “D4 Aristos” Old Belvo will also be looking to push for a home semi final although they currently sit in 4th place. This means that coming into the final three round it is still all to play for, with all top four teams having a reasonable chance of securing a home semi final.

Women’s AIL Top Scorers.

U.L. Bohemian’s Niamh Briggs still tops the Women All Ireland League points scorer table.

There were a total 141 points scored this weekend from 21 tries, only 12 conversions and 4 penalties, with 22 different point scorers in total. This now brings the total points scored in the league to 1326 points score in total with 104 different point scorers.

The top three teams in the league are the top three who have scored the most. Reigning champions U.L. Boh’s now have the most points with 273, and current league leaders Railway Union sit on 271. Blackrock have 263 points, meaning that the top three teams account for 807 of the points scored and the other 4 teams have scored a combined 519.

UL Bohemian’s Niamh Briggs extended her lead on the points scorer leaderboard this weekend with a try, two conversions and two penalties, she now has 84 points. Galwegian’s Denise Redmond also scored a try, two conversions and a penalty kick this weekend and now has 69 points. Blackrock’s Hannah O’Connor also scored a try and four conversions to increased her points total to 55 points.

This leaves the top of the Leading Points Scorer table as follows:

Name Club Try Con Pen DG Tot
Niamh Briggs UL Bohemian 5 22 5 0 84
Denise Redmond Galwegians 7 11 4 0 69
Hannah O’Connor Blackrock 2 15 5 0 55


Women’s AIL Leading Try Scorers

Galwegian’s Denise Redmond and Railway Union’s Emma Taylor lead the way on the try scorers, with seven tries each, after scoring one each this weekend. After tries this weekend Blackrock’s Ali Coleman and Ray Lawless, plus U.L Bohemian’s Chloe Pearse, move up to six tries each. Old Belvedere’s Linda Djoungang also sits on six tries from previous rounds.

This leaves the top of the Leading Try Scorers table as follows:

Name Club Try Con Pen DG Tot
Denise Redmond Galwegians 7 11 4 0 69
Emma Taylor Railway Union 7 0 0 0 35
Ali Coleman Blackrock 6 0 0 0 30
Ray Lawless Blackrock 6 0 0 0 30
Linda Djougang Old Belvedere 6 0 0 0 30
Chloe Pearse UL Bohemian 6 0 0 0 30
Michelle Claffey Blackrock 5 0 0 0 25
Gemma Matthews Old Belvedere 5 0 0 0 25
Niamh Byrne Railway Union 5 0 0 0 25
Susan Vaughan Railway Union 5 0 0 0 25
Niamh Briggs UL Bohemian 5 22 5 0 84


Women’s AIL Player’s Player Nominations.

St Mary’s College Jet Duinmeijer picked up another Player’s Player nomination this weekend.

Blackrock’s Maeve Óg O’Leary and U.L. Bohemian’s Enya Breen pick up their first Player’s Player nomination this weekend. Cooke’s Maeve Liston and Galwegians’ Fiona Scally pick up their second. Early leaders Jet Duinmeijer (St Mary’s College) and Emma Taylor (Railway Union) pick up their 4th and 5th respectfully. 

There is now 43 different players from the seven teams nominated for the Player’s Player. Seven different players each from Blackrock, Galwegains, Old Belvedere and U.L. Bohemain. Six players from Cooke, five from St. Mary’s College and four different players from Railway Union.

This leaves the top of the Player’s Player table as follows:

Club Player Votes
Railway Union Emma Taylor 5
St Mary’s College Jet Duinmeijer 4
Cooke Beth Cregan 3
St Mary’s College Ciara Scanlan 3