It was Saturday for the Women’s All Ireland League games this week as Ireland Women were playing on the Sunday. The St. Mary’s and Blackrock game was postponed, and Old Belvedere had a bye, leaving only Railway v UL Bohemian and Galwegians v Cooke. Check out our match report and gallery for Railway v UL Bohemian here.

The full results are as follows:

Galwegians 14
TRY: Ina Butler, Edel Murray. CON: Nicole Fowley, Ina Butler

Cooke 24
 Ilse Van Staden (2), Hannah Kilgore, Eliza Downey CON: Vicky Irwin (2)

— o0o —

Railway Union 27
TRY: Susan Vaughan (2), Kateyln Faust, Juliet Short CON:Claire Keohane (2)
PEN: Claire Keohane

UL Bohemian 19
 Sarah Quinn (2), Niamh Briggs CON: Niamh Briggs (2)

— o0o —

Women’s AIL Current Standings

The results leave the AIL League table as follows:

Team Pl W D L F A Diff TB LB Pts
Railway Union RFC 5 5 0 0 163 62 101 4 0 24
Old Belvedere 5 3 0 2 137 45 92 2 2 16
U.L. Bohemian 5 3 0 2 143 118 25 3 1 16
Cooke 5 3 0 2 90 106 -16 3 0 15
Galwegians 6 2 0 4 136 136 0 2 1 11
Blackrock 4 1 0 3 90 103 -13 2 1 7
St Mary’s College 4 0 0 4 0 189 -189 0 0 0


Women’s AIL Top Scorers.

UL Bohemian’s Niamh Briggs now sits joint top points scorer of the Women’s All Ireland League.

The four teams playing this round scored a total of 84 points between them, bringing the total points scored in the AIL to 759. Railway Union hold onto top point scored, with 163 in total, with UL Bohemian having 143 and Old Belvedere remain on 137.

UL Bohemian’s Niamh Briggs joins Galwegians’ Denise Redmond on the most points scored with 45 points each. Redmond didn’t record a score this round and with Galwegians having a bye next week she could lose her grip on the top spot. Blackrock’s Hannah O’Connor is still within the top three on 28 points.

Name Club Total Total Points
Try Con Pen DG
Denise Redmond Galwegians 4 8 3 45
Niamh Briggs UL Bohemian 2 13 3 45
Hannah O’Connor Blackrock 1 7 3 28
Niamh Byrne Railway Union 5 25
Michelle Claffey Blackrock 4  – 20
Elise O’Byrne White Old Belvedere 4 20
Gemma Matthews Old Belvedere 4 20
Nikki Caughey Railway Union 7 2  – 20
Susan Vaughan Railway Union 4 20


After scoring two tries this weekend Railway Union’s Susan Vaughan now trails the top try scorer Niamh Byrne, who still remains on 5 tries. Blackrock’s Michelle Claffey Old Belvedere’s Elise O’Byrne White and Gemma Matthews and Galwegians’ Denise Redmond all still on four tries.

Name Club Total Tries
Niamh Byrne Railway Union 5
Michelle Claffey Blackrock 4
Elise O’Byrne White Old Belvedere 4
Denise Redmond Galwegians 4
Gemma Matthews Old Belvedere 4
Susan Vaughan Railway Union 4

Women’s AIL Player’s Player Nominations.

Railway Union’s Claire Keohan picks up her first player’s player nomination after Round 6.

There were four new player’s player nominations after this weeks game. UL Bohemian captain Fiona Hayes, Railway Union’s Claire Keohan, Galwegians’ Amilie Roux and Cooke’s Vicky Irwin all picking up a vote after their outstanding performances this week.

The top of the table still remains the same with St Mary’s Jet Duinmeijer on top. Cooke’s Beth Cregan and Kelly McCormill, UL Bohemian’s Claire Bennett, Railway Union’s Emma Taylor and Old Belvedere’s Linda Djougang all trailing by just one vote.

However, with St. Mary’s and Blackrock not playing this round there is still another 2 votes to be added, which could bring new names in or aid the players who have already got a vote.

Club Player Votes
St Mary’s Jet Duinmeijer 3
Cooke Beth Cregan 2
UL Bohemian Claire Bennett 2
Railway Union Emma Taylor 2
Cooke Kelly McCormill 2
Old Belvedere Linda Djougang 2


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