Day One of Methodist College Belfast’s 150 Anniversary Rugby Tournament tool place yesterday at Pirrie Park with 16 teams competing in the group stages for the Eric Lindsay Memorial Trophy.

The competing schools ranged from all over Ireland with a guest sides from both England and Wales. the groups for Day 1 were broken down as follows.

Pool A Pool B
Ballymena Academy, Ballymena (Ulster) Belfast Royal Academy, Belfast (Ulster)
Clongowes Wood, Dublin (Leinster) Crescent College, Limerick (Munster)
Glenstal Abbey, Murroe (Munster) Royal Belfast Academical Institution, Belfast (Ulster)
Methodist College, Belfast (Ulster) St Michael’s College, Dublin (Leinster)
Pool C Pool D
Blackrock College, Dublin (Leinster) Belvedere College, Dublin (Leinster)
Campbell College, Belfast (Ulster) Christian Brothers, Cork (Munster)
Mount St Mary’s, Derbyshire (England) Cymoedd College, Rhonda (Wales)
Rockwell College, Cashel (Munster) Wallace High School, Lisburn (Ulster)


The results from Day 1 Matches are shown below.

Round 1. 

Methodist College 5 8 Clongowes Wood
Belfast Royal Academy 7 15 Crescent College
Rockwell College 3 0 Mount St Mary’s
Belvedere College 0 0 Wallace High School
Glenstal Abbey 0 Ballymena Academy
St Michael’s College 21 7 Royal Belfast Academical Institution
Blackrock College 12 0 Campbell College
Christian Brothers 13 12 Cymoedd College


Round 2. 

Belfast Royal Academy 10 17 Royal Belfast Academical Institution
Belvedere College 21 15 Christian Brothers
Ballymena Academy 0 17 Methodist College
Blackrock college 24 0 Rockwell College
St Michael’s College 17 7 Crescent College
Wallace High School 7 17 Cymoedd College
Clongowes Wood 10 0 Glenstal Abbey
Campbell College 10 7 Mount St Mary’s


Round 3. 

Blackrock College 43 0 Mount St Mary’s
Campbell College 12 14 Rockwell College
Belfast Royal Academy 7 14 St Michael’s College
Royal Belfast Academical Institution 12 0 Crescent College
Wallace High Schools 14 0 Christian Brothers
Clongowes Wood 21 11 Ballymena Academy
Belvedere College 7 15 Cymoedd College
Methodist College 31 3 Glenstal Abbey


Match galleries from all the rounds can be found here.

2018-10-19 Methodist College 5 Clongowes Wood 8 (MCB150)

Photo credit – Bob Given Photography

2018-10-19 St Michael’s College 21 Royal Belfast Academical Institution 7 (MCB 150)

Photo credit – Bob Given Photography

2018-10-19 Belfast Royal Academy 10 Royal Belfast Academical Institution 17 (MCB 150)
2018-10-19 Belvedere College 21 Christian Brothers 15

Photo credit – Bob Given Photography

2018-10-19 St Michael’s College 17 Crescent College 7 (MCB 150)
2018-10-19 Wallace High School 7 Cymoedd College 17 (MCB 150)

Photo credit – Bob Given Photography

2018-10-19 Blackrock College 43 Mount St Mary’s 0 (MCB 150)

Photo credit – Bob Given Photography

2018-10-19 Campbell College 12 Rockwell College 14
2018-10-19 Clongowes Wood 21 Ballymena Academy 11 (MCB 150)
2018-10-19 Methodist College 31 Glenstal Abbey 3

Photo credit – Bob Given Photography

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The Day 2 running schedule is shown below.

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