With only one match day to go in the World Rugby U20 Championship 2018 everyone at FRU HQ has predicted how the standings will finish after match-day three.

But first…

How does the ranking for the final stage work?

Each nation will be ranked in accordance with the number of competition points received during the initial group phase with the 1st seed being the pool winner with the most competition points through to the 12th seed being the pool fourth place with the least number of points.

If teams are level on competition points then points difference will be used to separate the sides. If that does not work, try difference will be taken into account.

This is our predictions for the end of round 3:

Seed Vicky Beth Ross John
1 New Zealand New Zealand New Zealand New Zealand
2 England England England England
3 France South Africa France France
4 South Africa France South Africa South Africa
5 Argentina Argentina Argentina Wales
6 Wales Wales Wales Italy
7 Australia Australia Australia Australia
8 Italy Ireland Italy Argentina
9 Ireland Italy Ireland Ireland
10 Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia
11 Scotland Scotland Scotland Scotland
12 Japan Japan Japan Japan


To determine rankings 9-12, the 9th seed will take on 12th seed and 10th seed will take on 11th seed with the winners progressing to a 9th-10th match and the losers playing in an 11th-12th play off match. The same process used for the 9th-12th ranking is used to determine rankings 5th-8th.

The 1st seed will play the 4th seed and 2nd seed will play 3rd seed in the semi finals with the winner of each match progressing to the World Rugby U20 Championship final.

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