The Italian Fire Brigade dominated the World Police and Fire Games Touch Rugby tournament with Italian Fire 2 completing the competition unbeaten, claiming the Gold Medal with a 3 – 2 win against Italian Fire 1 after extra time in an entertaining final.

It was a pity that the tournament suffered somewhat with the increased  popularity of TAG Rugby in the UK and Ireland with only two countries entering teams in the competition.

Italy put forward two side, the aforementioned Italian Fire 1 and 2 and Australia entered three sides with New South Wales representing the Fire Brigade, Victoria Vikings representing the Police and Adelaide based The Crow Eaters made up of members from both services.

With so few sides in the competition it was always going to be about the taking part, rather than the winning, but all the teams endeavoured to play entertaining matches in the round robin part of the competition.

Both the Italian sides dominated the pool matches adopting a smooth and seductive style with the swarthy hunks caressing the ball with the subtlety and craft that they normally reserve for their womenfolk.

Similarly the Aussie teams adopted a style reminiscent of the courting of their national stereotype, closing their eyes just before contact, taking it straight up the middle at pace and forcing the odd fumble! Oh er missus!

The Italian technique yielded the desired results with both Italian Fire 1 and 2 making the Gold Final with The Crow Eaters and Victoria Vikings making the Bronze Final.

Round Robin
Italian Fire 1 6 3 Crow Eaters
Italian Fire 2 5 0 NSW Fire
Victoria Police Vikings 2 11 Italian Fire 1
Crow Eaters 0 3 Italian Fire 2
NSW Fire 5 5 Victoria Police Vikings
Italian Fire 1 1 3 Italian Fire 2
Victoria Police Vikings 4 5 Crow Eaters
NSW Fire 3 7 Italian Fire 1
Italian Fire 2 9 3 Victoria Police Vikings
Crow Eaters 6 3 NSW Fire


 Bronze Final 

The Crow Eaters and the Vikings produced a cagey first half in the Bronze medal play off. The Vikings came out strongly in the second half to score two touch downs in the second half to claim the bronze.

Crow Eaters 0 2 Victoria Police Vikings


Gold Final

Italian Fire 2 completed the competition undefeated with their second win over their compatriots in an entertaining final.

Fire 2 went into an early 2 – 0 lead in the first half before Fire 1 fought back to level the game in the second half.

The game went into extra time with whichever team to score first to be declared the winner. Fire 2 found the extra energy and created space to grab the golden try and the gold medal!

Italian Fire 1 2 3 Italian Fire 2


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