The Bai's look forward to singing their way through the World Cup come what may!

A group of Ireland fans from Dromore and Lisburn have rustled up a wee song to support the Irish team at the World Cup.

Collectively known as The Bai’s the group consists of Lee Kirkwood, Paul Kirkwood, Jimmy Lyons and Mark Fraser a set of friends who are into their rugby and music.

The song was written and recorded over three days, and a few bottles of wine, and is now available to download for free on their website here.

Speaking on how the song came about Mark Frazer told the Front Row Union:

Jimmy had a thought one night “I don’t think theres ever been an Ireland RWC song”. (It turns there was once but we didnt know that until recently!) He got in touch with Lee that night and asked if he fancied writing it. Lee got himself a bottle of wine and sat down and wrote the song in one night. The next night we were recording it in Jimmys house (with another few bottles of wine), which was great fun and it was done! This all happened in the space of 3 days!

We put this together for a bit of crack, we just wanted to have a song that could help the Irish fans get behind the lads in New Zealand. (Even more so after the last few results!)

We’d hope people enjoy it, stick it on their iPhones, put on the jukebox in their local pub … whatever! It’s definitely a catchy wee tune!

The guys have brought out a video to go along with the song and I’m sure you’ll all be singing it by the end of the World Cup! It could be just the thing to inspire Ireland to unprecedented heights!


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