Just not such a busy weekend this time round but busy enough. A Fabulous Friday Fun Fest at Ravers was followed by a wet and windy Saturday afternoon, scuppering my plans to cover City of Derry v Quins as my Kodak Instamatic doesn’t function too well in the wet!

On Sunday it was an early morning flight to Gatwick, train to Guildford, just about making the kick off for the Ireland v Scotland 7th Place Play-Off in the, absolutely excellent IRB Women’s World Cup.

Grabbed my photographers bib, ignored the sniggers of the “pros” at my tiny instamatic and plonked myself on the left hand side facing Ireland’s right wing and waited for Ulster’s Golden Girl Eliza Downey to run in the scores.

It doesn’t often happen this way, but run them in she did with the Downster grabbing a brace, quickly followed by Niamh Briggs doing the same but Eliza went one better and threw in a scuffle with their No. 9 in the second half providing me with additional photographic opportunities!

All joking aside, I was really impressed with the Ireland Women’s display in this final game. Having narrowly failed to qualify for a top four finish the girls were very disappointed and frustrated with their dramatic reversal to the USA in the play offs in a game where it just didn’t happen for them.

They showed great character to come back so strongly against the Scots and have definitely proved themselves a force in Women’s International Rugby probably fighting it out with France for second place in Europe and now 7th Seeds in the World Rankings.

Still a bit to go until they can sit comfortably at the top table with the powerhouses of New Zealand, England and Australia but they are definitely moving in the right direction.

Managed to grab a quick chat (and a few hugs) with Eliza and Lauren after the match.

No women’s Rugby this week end and looks like all my fun’s going to be crammed into Saturday with (weather permitting) early morning coverage of Royal School Dungannon v Friends School Lisburn, followed by Dungannon v Quins in the Senior Cup with a jaunt back to Larne to get the lap top and TV set up for Aironi v Ulster and hopefully catch a view of Paris Bun and Raging Raven who are heading over for the game.


  1. Dewi, size doesn’t matter …..allegedly !

    Junty – interesting weekend to be sure – just wish I had the camera when our 20 stone bollock naked Argentinian prop was chasing our 9 stone Scottish OH along the beach… and he nearly caught him !

    It actually was a very intense weekend – there was even a washed up tree trunk,so it turned into a US Marine style bootcamp, followed by a 1 hour cliff climb. I learnt a few more Spanish swear words that day !

    Anyway, I digress – absolutely great standard of rugby in the WRWC – very glad I tuned in to it.

  2. RR – must agree with you on that one – it was pretty impressive viewing i must say. Well done to Dewi for the coverage – some great action shots.
    Lanzaman – some great shots on Facebook of the ‘training’ session out in the Canaries !!

  3. Yes Dewi …… well done on your excellent coverage of the Irish team in the Woman’s Rugby World Cup. For a confirmed male chauvinist pig like myself I was taken aback by the skill, commitment and athletic ability of the players. I for one will be taking a bigger interest in Woman’s Rugby from now on ………….. if I could paraphrase a famous ad …….. it is the real thing!