The day I was beginning to think would never happen, this is the opportunity I have been waiting for, trained for and dreamed about since my first 6 Nations training session back in 2009, to be named in the starting 15 for the first time in an international game.

No one in that room would have been as shocked as me to hear my name being called out, but this is it, my chance, the reason why I train, commit and make sacrifices, worth every second of it to play and represent your country in a World Cup. A chance to prove to my myself, team mates and managers that I can offer something to the team.

Today will be a day I hope I never forget for all the right reasons, I have only been inspired and encouraged in what I have seen so far from my fellow team mates in training and against the English and USA. To be a part of this experience is something very special.

The support I have had from family, friends and team mates (on both my Gaelic and Rugby teams) has been overwhelming and much appreciated, it really does lift my mood on the harder days in camp, just hope I can do you all proud… 🙂


  1. GUTTED Sky Sports didn’t see fit to give the Ireland v Kazahkstan game more than 10 secs coverage.
    Especially gutted that those 10 seconds didn’t include your try Eliza! 🙂 Looking forward to a step by step walk through in the next blog update!! 🙂
    Bad luck that Ireland didn’t get through to to the semi’s, 60 points was a massive ask! Valiant attempt though ladies, you’ve done your country proud again!!

  2. Congrats eliza. So mad we cant be there today but we will be there in Spirit. Enjoy the whole experience and Good Luck. STAR OF THE COUNTY DOWN thats you.