uafc Unfortunately our friends over on the UAFC have been attacked by hackers yet again. It may take a couple of days to get the site and the messageboard fully restored.

This appears to be a more agressive attack but hopefully the main site should be up and running by tonight, but the forum may have to be re-installed, upgraded and the database checked.

The guys at UAFC will use this posting to keep you up to date with what’s happening.

If you have any questions you can leave a message below.


  1. Free Tibet or else mate on

    i cant believe that my Olympic Torch thread will have to start from scratch all over again. Bollocks.

  2. whiteknightoftheweld on

    in that case i might change my name.
    can i call dibs on ‘cables’ please?

    • Not a chance as there is only one cables and he is a legend, try it and you will have Fitzy and others after your hide, not worth the hassle on your part.

  3. fermain having a spot of bother with the database that runs the message board, it may haave to be scrapped and everyone start again if he can’t find the problem.

  4. a good spreadsheet would fix this bother once and for all. that and a bit of cryptic code breaking…

    • Suspect this isn’t the ‘original’ cables.

      Hopefully they’ll be able to get the forum back up and running this weekend.

  5. whiteknightoftheweld on

    any word/update on when the forum will be back up?

    been reading a great book on the art of sledging and have a lot of ammo to use once this are up and running again…

  6. Anyone heard of this guy before? Anyway, I hope the site gets back on it’s feet quickly. I’m bored in work now.

    • Don’t think he will come around to sort you out colin !
      Seems more of a wreck websites sort of vermin than anything else.

      • He’s welcome to try Rooster 🙂 But if he finds a devious way to spend any of my hard earned there’ll be bother!

  7. currently re-uploading the main site… it’ll take some time, however, due to the malicious nature of the hacker, the forum may have to start again from scratch… we just don’t have any details of how much or how badly the actual database has been attacked, or whether he has left a ‘backdoor’. It is also possible he has compromised all the usernames and passwords.
    We will try out best, and I will update again when i have more details.