fru120 Despite spending most of yesterday trying to find out what was happening in relation to the Ulster game and then trying to find some way of getting to Paris without costing a fortune we’ve eventually managed to find some time to get up some snaps of our intrepid explorers in snow ravaged Belgium.

Despite the snow and freezing conditions it appears that the advance party have been able to stay safe and warm and, thanks to a variety of protective devices, have been able to keep their sight in tact.

We can also see that the Boy’s on Tour managed to get to Brussels safe and sound this time, just a pity there was no game!

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  1. freeze the ballX off you hear; Crack good; lets win this time; Maybe having an Amish beard from our outhalf is a good thing; Lets beat the froggies for a change. believe and we can do it;

  2. Travelled down from Leeds to Brussels to watch Ulster; Great travelling support plus beer is very good: Not going to make rescheduled match but Belgian hospitality has been great: Particularly recommend the Tchinga Taverna who play an array of Ulster-related songs on CD (including for some reason the Captain Pugwash theme)

  3. I was really surprised that the Stade game was being so highly regarded in Brussels; Apparently 15k fans turning up; Some Belgians supporting Ulster; We have had a great time in Brussels and many Ulster fans made great efforts to be at the match including some travelling from USA prior to going home for Christmas – we know where their heart lies; Hope we can win tomorrow; By the way extremely difficult typing on a Belgium key board – keys are not in the right place; I keep hitting q instead of a; Signing out – Ulster supporter in Brussels and very proud of my roots; Belgians joining us in Stand up for Ulster Men; Now for the Cuban bar.