theinsider Ravenhill Burger Vans To Offer Healthier Meals

The news for Ulster fans just gets better and better with the CEO’s announcement that the fare on offer from the burger vans will be substantially improved over the next few seasons. Mike Reid listed a number of changes which will be implemented as Ulster fans are treated to healthier options. These are:-

(a) The lead based quarter pounder will gradually be phased out

(b) The quality of beef used in the Premier Burger range will be upgraded from D to D+

(c) The cooking oil will no longer contain traces of red diesel.

(d) Van cooks will be encouraged to gargle with a disinfectant mouthwash before spitting into the food

(e) Real onions will be used instead of the current daffodil bulb substitute

(f) Drinking straws will be thinner and shorter to restrict the calorie intake and help prevent obesity

(g) Van staff will be empowered to refuse to serve customers who they feel have had enough.

Reid promised that vans who manage to maintain the highest possible standards throughout the season could be awarded up to four Michelin tyres each. He also warned that improvements in quality do not come cheap and said it is envisaged that there will be modest increase in prices of around 237%.