Matt Williams got his promotion board to position of Ulster coach and the Ulster rugby messageboard was ignominiously demoted or fired should I say. The latter was a surprise to some and no surprise to others whilst some remained resolutely unmoved.

To sum up, something’s lost when I read this statement released by UR about the demise of their unloved and largely unmoderated messageboard.

“The large amount of incorrect information, rumour and innuendo on the forum emanating from a small number of posters does nothing to enhance the reputation of the club to prospective players, supporters or sponsors.”

We have been here before with the UR board. It has lost its right to live twice before in the last 8 years. In past times schoolboys have blitzed it as if they were a squadron of Stukas minus any kind of aiming device. On this occasion I fear there is not the same scenario.

The demise of the UR board awakened much ‘life of Brian’ type bathos over on the UAFC board with the metaphorical sound of nails pinning barbed wire to posts for what posters there appeared to believe to be the arrival of truck loads of highly undesirable Vietnamese boat people. There was much talk of refugees, quarantine, immigration checks, all embroidered with the chuckle of self satisfaction that ‘our wee board was an oasis of sense and sensibility’. It had all the internationalesque crisis proportions of a flood in a Cullybackey culvert.

The only reason the UAFC board has survived this long is down to some rigorous and justified moderation by the site owners. Indeed some posters from the UAFC board lost no time or conscience in stirring the bilge on the UR forum. If some of the smug gits who frequent that board had assisted the posters on the UR forum by posting about rugby then there would have been less chance of being swamped by some of the rubbish, UAFC posters whine on about.


  1. Dear ‘rugged’ supporter,
    I’m sure I had you in mind when I posted this:
    ‘If some of the smug gits who frequent that board had assisted the posters on the UR forum by posting about rugby then there would have been less chance of being swamped by some of the rubbish, UAFC posters whine on about.’
    PS: Your not stewarding on the URSC bus to Cork by any chance?

  2. Rugby supporter on

    This site is gettin as bad as the dark side. Since The Grym One came over here, all we get is talk of the war, pot belly pigs, floods & swamps, and desirable/undesirable vietnames – everything BUT RUGBY!!!!!!

    Sort it!

  3. “How did the boat people arive at Craigavon?”

    They came up the Lagan in a bubble, then took a bus. (Possibly a #32, – I wouldn’t care to comment) SORTED!

    Trucks are for Vietnamese pot-belly pigs, not Vietnamese PEOPLE! – Sort it!

  4. OberLeutnant Hans Neesanbumpsidaisy on

    Zer “little ring vit zer cross” on zer “dashboard” ez actually ein svastika!

    Anyvay, zer icht nein “dashboard” on ein airoplane, icht bien ein “control panel”.

    Perhaps you ver thinking of zer Spitfire vich haben ein dashboard, but only ze vons built by Triumph, nicht zer vons built by Supermarine!

    But vot point ist ein aiming device down on ein dashboard anyvay? Icht needs to be higher up near zer kanopy zo zat zer pilot can zee through icht!

    Stupid Britisher Schweinhundt!

  5. Why pick on helpless boat people,Cullybackians(hey) and bring up ze war – you should be taken away and sh*t.

    The mad Dutch professor was to blame your honour.

    Where can we talk about flags and anthems on here?

  6. All zis zeitgeist, so, soooooo much schadenfreude, too little too late!

    Hans niche, if you’ve ever flown a stuka you vill know zat der is a little cross and circle on ze dashboard which allowsy ou to take aim at Tommy through your sights ven u are in a steep dive!! Dumpkopf!!

    Mr. Dant, a further point of order. How did the boat people arive at Craigavon,— in a boat? Sort it!

    If you are going to make a tackle make sure yer body position is correct and more importantly that your head is in the right place otherwise you’ll lose it!!!

    (Just to introduce a rugby tone to the show, like)

  7. OberLeutnant Hans Neesanbumpsidaisy on


    Ich must correct ze inaccurate propaganda being put out by ze Dumkopf known as Ballpark. Virst, he incorrectly refers to ze “stuka”, ven he should be calling it ze Junkers JU87. Did he learn nichts from seins time in ze bunker?. Zecondly, he toks as if ze JU87 actually has an aiming defice. ES NICHT! Ve point ze nose of ze airoplane at ze target, let go of ze bombes and as you Vest Englanders vood say, “Bob’s Ihr Onkel”

    Vy he vants to tok about dive bombers anyvay, ven he shood be tokking about ze rugby, Ich weiß nicht

  8. A Calvert (Cullybackey) on

    Havin’ bin flooded oot ba the racent heavy rain, hey, d’ yous nat think I’ve enough prooblems, hey, we’out gattin’ dragged into your patty squabbles ……

    …. hey?

  9. On a point of order, without wishing to offer an opinion on their desirability or otherwise, (and by doing so, avoiding the risk of being embroiled in a racism scandal), can I point out that Vietnamese boat people usually arrive by BOAT, not trucks!

    The clue’s in the name.

  10. I admit it. It was MY fault the UR board was swamped with non-rugby related postings!

    If I had swamped it with smug rugby related postings instead, it would have diluted the other swamp and UR mightn’t have noticed so much of the dross amongst the smugness.

    Of course, had I swamped the UR MB with smugness, I wouldn’t have had time to be smug on UAFC, and it would have had to close through smug inactivity.

    Either that, or I give up my smug job to keep both MB’s alive.

    I feel SOOOOOO guilty now!

    Yeah, RIGHT!!!!!!!