Schools: Rugby Rankings Week 7

6 thoughts on “Schools: Rugby Rankings Week 7”

  1. Surely Cambridge house should go up a place or two instead of going down 1 place. We beat portora 23-8 on the 19th of November

    1. Congratulations on your win.

      The rankings are worked out on the match score and the strength of the opposition. One of the other teams around you in the league must have beaten a team ranked higher than Portora.

      The rankings also include the midweek fixtures from last week so those results may also have had a bearing on Cambridge’s positioning this week.

  2. Remember that these rankings are for the season as a whole; they are not a measure of current form. So, even though Cambridge’s win % has increased, their opponent rating has decreased (from 0.444 to 0.420) after playing a low ranked opponent.
    Actually, despite the drop in rank, their overall score has actually increased.

  3. Massive, Massive, Massive game on Sat! Methody vs Campbell. Who ever wins is pretty much the cup favourites

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